What is Permanent Make-up
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What is Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up is a unique make-up technology.

It combines art and science to implant the right color precisely into the right place, or uses the dry needle in a paramedical procedure, giving you a natural and youthful result.

In fact, no one will know that you had anything done, so even men can wear it.

This procedure is also known as Micropigmentation or Dermagraphic.


Perfect for clients who:

Want to save time.

Want to wake up fresh and beautiful.

Are contact lens wearers.

Work in certain environments where make-up is not permitted.

Perfect for clients with:

Little or no eyebrows.

Sparse or light lashes.

Poor eyesight.

Unsteady hands.

Physical disability.



Scar from surgery.

Scar resulting from burns and accidents .

Allergies or sensitive to conventional make-up.