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What Dr. Leaf Says About Mojgan

What Dr. Leaf Says About Mojgan

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Mojgan Azimi for several years. I am always struck by the incredible difference between her beautiful work and some of the more shabby results I have seen from other artists over the years.  I have always felt that excellent work in both plastic surgery and permanent makeup is characterized as being unnoticeable.  That is to say, perfection does not draw attention to itself as being “done” or artificial.

Mojgan’s work with eyebrows is a perfect example.  It appears that every individual hair in the brow formation is perfectly shaped and shaded, as opposed to the unsightly black streak that is so instantly identifiable from across a room. I challenge anyone to look at her work and find her “footprint.” The pure naturalness of it is in itself wondrous, and does not draw attention to itself as being artifice.

She spends a good deal of time in creating these results, and does not rush through in a haphazard manner.  She has also helped many patients hide scars from surgical procedures, as needed. Medical-grade tattooing is just as difficult to perform correctly as is purely aesthetic permanent makeup, and she puts extreme effort into both ventures.

Mojgan’s clientele are fiercely loyal to her, and recommend her work to their friends and associates.  She has been the busiest permanent makeup artist in Beverly Hills, and certainly the most respected.

I share my admiration of her with all of the members of my medical and Med-Spa staff.  She’s just the best.

Norman Leaf, MD, FACS

Gregory P. Mueller MD, FACS

Kaydee Cox

Deana Degmor

I’d been investigating eyebrows for 18 months when I found Mojgan through Dr. Leaf. I knew immediately that her work was far superior to anything I had seen. I booked my appointments and l am over the moon with the results! I’m very picky and her work is flawless and natural. People who know I’ve have it done want her number and are counting the minutes to see her. Mojgan’s work is subtle but transformative. I give her my highest praise because she’s really that good!

Valerie Mehlman

I cannot say enough about the artistry of Mojgan’s work. She is a genius. I had no eyebrows and her work on me has changed my life. Not only was it painless, I fell asleep while she worked on me! I get compliments all the time about what beautiful eyebrows I have and I have to laugh inside because although they are mine, they are the work of Mojgan. I can’t wait to have my eyeliner and lips done. I highly recommend anyone considering doing permanent makeup (and I cannot call this tattooing as it seems so different) to consult with Mojgan.

Shahin Alavi

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mojgan Azimi through a friend. Mojgan has a high standard of professionalism in her practice. I have experienced her supremely skilled hands and artistic touch when she worked on my eyebrows. What I had was the hair strokes and she did an amazing job, now I have the most beautiful and natural eyebrows because of her excellent and fantastic technique. The complements that I am getting from my friends make me to realize that how important it is to find a professional artiest. I’ve seen people who had cosmetic tattoos but I’ve never seen anything like Mojgan’s unique and artistic technique, she combines the art and science to create an extraordinary results.

Steph P.

Mojgan was recommended to me from a friend. I was nervous thinking about the concept of permanent make up. Wow, I cannot express how happy I am with my decision. Thanks to Mojgan, I wake up with eyebrows every morning & a huge smile! She has the eye of a true artist & does exceptional work. She is a perfectionist, as well as, being kind & gentle. I recommend her with 100% confidence to anyone interested in permanent make up – she will achieve perfect balance, color & shape…creating & enhancing your natural beauty. She herself is beautiful inside & out!

Mehrnoosh Kianpour

I rarely write reviews online but Mojgan really surprised me! She is really sweet, talented and professional. Mojgan is highly knowledgable and loves what she does and it shows! No any words would do for her abilities! She has a wonderful eye for color and line, respectfully listens to your requests. Highly recommend Mojgan Azimi,

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be perfect, beautiful and happy with using Mojgan talents!

Carrie B.

I lost my brows after chemo for breast cancer…twice. they never came back and i had to draw them on daily. i was so self conscious and insecure. today, mojgan changed that. she gave me my brows back and they look absolutely amazing. if you need permanent brows/makeup, mojgan is your girl.

Nazanin Moali

Mojgan is truly talented and professional. I have been coming to her for past 15 years and couldn’t be happier. Even when I was living in Bay Area, I was flying to LA to see her since I couldn’t find anyone there that perform in the same level. I highly recommend her.

Delilah L.

Mojgan is a true artist and perfectionist–she enhanced my eyebrows with permanent makeup and I highly recommend her. She truly understands facial structure and the importance of balanced eyebrows to make you look younger and refreshed. With good eyebrows I need less eye makeup and they give me a natural yet finished look to start each day.

Lauren K.

If you want NATURAL permanent makeup done, see Mojgan! I thought anything with the word “permanent” sounded scary, but she changed my mind. She is a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when it comes to your appearance. The amount of compliments I’ve gotten since having my brows done is incredible. She also does amazing eyeliner and lipliner! If you’re looking for natural perm. makeup that doesn’t turn blue over time, she is worth every penny.

Susan Cohen

I had my eyebrows done last year with permanant pigment by Mojgan Azimi. My daughter Cameron Cohen is a makeup artist and one of her clients came in with her eyebrows done. She called me to say they were the best she had ever sceen, so realistic and artistic. So I made my apointment and had them done. For a year I was thrilled. I never had to put on any added color and for once I had a full brow with a beautiful shape. As Mojgan advised it would probably need a touch up after a year and true to her word, one year exactly I was back for a touckh up and am in love with my brows. She is a true artist and talent.

Julie A.

Mojgan is a true artist. I am so happy with my new brows and eyeliner, she did an amazing job! She made my wimpy blonde eyebrows in to brows of glory! Wonderful shape and rich color and with the eyeliner it cuts my daily make-up routine in half. Morjgan is also a pleasure to be around, such a positive wonderful person! Would recommend her to everyone!

Nan U.

One of the very best beauty things I have ever done— brows by Mojgan! She is the #1 professional in her field, and a true artist and perfectionist in her work. The fact that she offices with, and is recommended by, the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills is indicative of her skill. I was contemplating going to New York to see someone of her caliber when she was recommended to me. My brows look so natural and they actually give me a little ” brow lift” and allow me to go without makeup. I am soooo happy ( and lucky!) that I found Mojgan!

Teri W.

Mojgan is a masterful artist who is amazing at her craft! She did my eyebrows and they look sensational and completely natural. She works carefully, methodically, and with great intention. It is a scary notion to trust someone doing permanent make up on your face, but I couldn’t be more pleased. Mojgan is extraordinarily talented and I very enthusiastically recommend her! She also did my sister and my daughter’s eyebrows and we are all thrilled with her work.