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Stroke Eyebrows

Issues regarding eyebrows are common. The causes for these concerns vary from eyebrows being over-tweezed, medical conditions, injury or the natural aging process.

Science has shown that eyebrows are the most important facial feature and your emotions and expressions come through your eyebrow shape.

If they shaped are correctly, eyebrows can make your appear fresh, energetic and happy. Conversely, eyebrows can also make you appear worn-out, surprised, angry and sad if they are shaped incorrectly.


This procedure enhances the eyes and makes them look brighter, younger and more expressive.
Each client will receive a customize treatment based on their concern and needs.

Some clients will require a more natural look by only filling in between the lashes and some will desire an eyeliner look, which will be provided by adding a very delicate line to make it more glamorous.

With permanent eyeliner, you look more beautiful 24 hours a day with the freedom from eye makeup.


The micropigmentation procedure can appear to change the size and shape of the lips, as well as the color. Permanent lip color enhances your natural beauty and is perfect for thin lips and also balancing asymmetrical lips.
These are my three techniques:

Natural Look
If you are looking for a natural result, this technique will define your natural lip contour creating a similar color to your lips.


To correct poor design, shape or color bleeding from certain areas that look unnatural, it is often necessary for previous permanent make-up to be reshaped, redesigned and in some cases partially or completely removed.

Even the most beautiful permanent make-up will fade away over a period of 1 to 3 years and will need to be refreshed. Undesirable, or unskilled permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing seems to last for years and can be difficult to remove.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a process with a dry needle to draw a light bloodline, as the brain recognizes trauma to that area and it responds by generating collagen and elastin directing it to the affected area.
This treatment can rejuvenate the skin and treat scars without the expense and potential side effects of lasers.
Darker skin types are more prone to side effects from lasers and usually ideal candidate for skin needling.

Scar Relaxation

Scar relaxation is used primarily to soften the fibrous bands of collagen (scar tissue), giving the patient more flexibility in their movements through a specific well-designed application that helps to create supple skin texture.
This procedure works well on all contracted tissue with exceptional results on the hands.
Scar relaxation appointments are usually scheduled at 4-6 week intervals.
Dramatic results can be seen and felt often with the first treatment.

Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair follicle simulation is a modern hair loss treatment for men which replicates the very real appearance of shaven hair follicles on the scalp. This is a highly specialized process whereby tiny deposits of pigment are positioned within the dermal layer of the skin.
The illusion is so realistic that you and anyone who looks at you will actually believe you have hair.


Scalp shading is a solution for areas of hair loss. By applying very precise permanent make-up strokes or using a feathering technique, we can provide shading in the hair loss area of the scalp.
This technique will give you a highly realistic, natural looking hair illusion and can be used for women.

Areola Restoration

Areola re-pigmentation is the recreation of an areola and the nipple area. This paramedical procedure is for those who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery or who may have irregular fading in any part of the areola.
Permanent areola re-pigmentation is a technique which restores the natural beauty of your breast so you can regain your confidence.


Scars caused by injuries or surgical procedures, burns, vitiligo, discoloration or other skin conditions can be covered up by using a camouflage technique with the medical micropigmentation process.

These procedures require extensive knowledge of color theory to select the proper color and blending to match the natural skin tone.

Melanocyte Restoration

Melanocytes are the cells in the epidermal layer of the skin that produce the natural pigmentation known as melanin. Sometimes these cells do not function fully, causing the skin to have stark white un-pigmented areas.
Melanocyte restoration is a paramedical procedure that assists the cells in manufacturing melanin in the affected area through the insertion of a needle into the blanched section, thereby reactivating the melanocytes and restoring natural tone to the areas.


Melanocytes are the cells responsible for producing the skin pigment called “melanin,” which gives color to the skin and protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Vitiligo is a condition in the skin that takes place when melanocyte cells die and stop producing melanin.

People with ” Vitiligo” lose pigment in patches of normally pigmented skin, which is replaced by flat, white patches with irregular borders.